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Sonic Tactility

Here's another booklet for ya'll! A few weeks ago I had the final instalment of my Sound and Sonic Arts module at Helsinki Fine Arts Uni. Sonic Tactility was a one week intensive workshop. We examined the world of sound as an experience possible beyond what the human ear hears. I produced this booklet at the end of the week, joining my previous one (Sound Art and Ecology) at the Uni library.

Through the use of audio exciters and bass shakers, we explored non-aural sound and sound as a tactile medium. I was really inspired by this workshop, and it could have easily been longer than one week.

My current work mostly revolves around airborne sound, usually developed for radio, film or TV, in a way that requires always requires your ears. I felt really challenged to push the boundaries on my own perceptions of sound. Have you ever heard the sound of speech only through your hands? Do you think you could understand the words and meaning?

Exploring sounds from the body through touch is both awesome and a bit freaky. Especially the sounds from my stomach through a yoga ball. It felt eerily alive, like a creature living inside the latex...

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